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Hosts ❤️love Book Better Direct. Here's why.

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Everyone wants to have direct bookings! BookBetterDirect is an absolute unique solution. We are happy to be one of the first to invest. We can see this movement going very far.
Linda R.
Linda R.@AvadaHotelResort
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Great extension! Amazing to watch your hotel link pop-up every time you search on Booking or Tripadvisor.
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I recommend all my clients to join the Book Better Direct club. It's the easiest way to be vissible on the internet and counter the OTA's marketing tactics. The more people join, the more effective BBD will be.
Marc R.
Marc R.@GM-embassysuite
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A single hotel can only do so much to get more direct bookings. Only when we build a strong alliance, we stand a chance to stop the increasing power of OTAs.


Most frequent questions and answers

BookBetterDirect is the upcoming powerful lead generation tool for hotels, accommodations, and all kind of hosts. Only if you want to grow your direct bookings and are willing to promote the Book Better Direct extension to your guests, then you join BookBetterDirect.

Nothing more then a Chrome or Firefox desktop browser, which you most likely already have. Add the extension to one of these browser and see how it works. Just like Google translate, Grammarly or Honey, the add-on installs in two clicks. It’s safe and free.


No! It’s free! If you would like to support or become an investor, contact us.

To show the BookBetterdirect Certification Trustmark is easy. Copy and paste the JavaScript code we send you, in the body of your website’s page and you are good to go. Don’t worry it’s as easy as adding some text or a photo and we show you exactly how.

Try searching for what you need on our Website. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can get help here.