Why we are here?

Level the playing field.

Book Better Direct is built to eliminate unfairness against accommodations and travellers in the travel industry.

Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and Meta travel search platforms dominate the market. It is close to impossible for a single host to stand out in the crowd. OTAs dominate search results and consistently outperform individual hotels in marketing and SEO with their wealth and knowledge. All with the help of Google.

A host now has to advertise on one of these platforms to get exposure. That results in more money for the platform, more marketing, more SEO, and more domination —a vicious circle. The hosts keep feeding the beast, which they are desperately trying to fight.

Our Vision:

Be the world’s #1 destination for discovering great value to Book Direct.

  • We raise awareness that booking direct ALWAYS gives you better value for your money.
  • We see a future where search results are not hijacked by Online Travel Agents.
  • We see a future where online booking software is affordable for everyone.
  • We see a future with 0% booking commission.


Our Mission:

Make Direct Bookings Commonplace (again).

BookBetterDirect™ is the only global initiative that recognizes, supports, and rewards direct booking initiatives in tourism. Our mission is to bring accommodations of all sizes more direct room bookings and make sure guests get the better deal by booking direct.

Our Goals:

Driving Direct Bookings and Supporting Sustainability.

BookBetterDirect’s aim is to easily connect travellers direct with accommodations and make sure that by booking direct the traveller gets the best value.


Through our platform, extension, and app; BookBetterdirect plays a meaningful role in achieving the United Nations goals like sustainable economic growth, supporting local economies, and reducing inequalities.


By booking directly with your host, you not only get a better deal but support these goals.

Our Tools:

- A Unified Platform
- An App
- Your Help!

Direct Booking Infrastructure for the Internet.
A technology-first approach to Direct Bookings. We are building the booking platform of the future. Simple to use and affordable. We use unique methods & techniques to give us the edge.

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Support the only true sustainable
Travel Movement.
Book Better Direct.

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