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We help you get more direct bookings!

On all major booking platforms we show travellers your direct link and deals. Start saving money on expensive booking fees and ads.

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An International Platform that Supports You.

Our sole purpose is to get you more direct bookings and reduce your advertising cost.


We help Accommodations of all Sizes!

Revolutionary Tools!

Re-inventing direct bookings, with our patent pending technology. Finally a tool for Easy Direct Bookings. Watch the video to learn more.

A Selection of what we do for you

A DIRECT LINK to your hotel on Booking, TripAdvisor etc.

With the browser extension Guest see a pop up with your official website link and your special direct booking deals. Imagine the money you can safe on commissions 🙂

Direct Link from OTAs

STAND OUT in Google

Travellers find you for sure on Google with the extension. No more confussion. We’ll point you out. Imagine the money you can safe on ads 🙂

Google highlight

You're listed on our International Platform

Your Direct Booking Deals get promoted on the BBD Platform world wide, so Guests know exactly why they should Book Better Direct!

An extra web page for Search Engines

2 is better then 1​. Your BookBetterDirect webpage, increases your presence and supports your Accommodation in ALL search engines.

Gain Trust with the Official BBD 100% Guarantee Badge™

The BookBetterDirect TRUSTMARK™ certification partners your Accommodation with the world’s First International Direct Booking Movement.

It helps you creat trust, decrease website abandonment, and increasing direct bookings.
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Your Membership Benefits

The BookBetterDirect Club (BBD club) offers its members a unique opportunity to promote their direct booking advantages and obtain unprecedented exposure.

By joining BookBetterDirect, you not only gain global brand recognition, boost your marketing power, increase booking productivity, and boost your profitability in the long-run; it also helps you to achieve the best possible return on your investment.


Are you a BBD Accommodation?

Re-inventing direct bookings, needs commiment. BBD members are selected according to the BookBetterDirect standards and the code. In all our activities, we aim to build lasting relationships with guest which are built on mutual trust.

We help you get more direct bookings!

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5 star rating5+ reviews

You'll be missing out on the best direct booking deals!

You are just one step away of seeing a hotel’s direct booking deals and prices on platforms like, Tripadvisor,…

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