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5 Smart Ways for Easy Direct Bookings.


1. Direct Link from Booking Platforms to your Website.

The extension shows the direct link to your website and Direct Booking Benefits. Connect with your Guest easily.

2. Stand out in
Google Search and be found.

With the extension and free website, Travellers will find you for sure on Google. No more confussion. We'll point you out.

3. Increase TRUST BookBetterDirect™ Certification

The 100% Guaranteed Certificate, shows Guest that they always get the best price when they book direct.

4. Your Own Page to Promote
Your Direct Booking

The worlds first international free directory to promote Direct Booking Benefits Worldwide.

5. An International Platform that Supports You.

Our sole purpose is to get you more direct bookings and reduce your advertising cost.

Best of all? It's FREE!

Join the BookBetterDirect™ movement for FREE. As long as it lasts.

How Do I Sign-up?

All it takes is 4 simple Steps to Join the Club.

STEP 1. Choose.

Join FREE or become a lifetime Investor
[we'll be crowdfunding soon!]

STEP 2. Add your Listing

Create at least one cool 😎 Direct Booking Benefit. Like Best Price Guaranteed.​

STEP 3. Become a Member

Accept the "4 Club Rules".

STEP 4. Promote the movement

Let your Guests know why they should BookBetterDirect.

What happens after I become a member?

1. You're Listed on the Platform

We are promoting your Direct Booking Deals on our Platform. You let Guests know exactly why they should Book Better Direct!

2. You'll have an extra web page for Search Engines

2 is better then 1​. Your BookBetterDirect webpage, increases your presence and supports your Accommodation in ALL search engines.

3. You'll get to use the Official BBD 100% Guarantee Badge™

The BookBetterDirect TRUSTMARK™ certification partners your Accommodation with the world’s First International Direct Booking Movement.

Helping you to decrease website abandonment, create trust and increasing direct bookings.
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Book Better Direct Trustmark Badge

4. You'll get a DIRECT LINK from Booking, TripAdvisor, Expedia to YOUR Website

When a potential Guest looks at your hotel on the big OTA’s, a pop up appears to show them your link and what you offer direct. Imagine the money you can safe on commissions 🙂

Direct Link from OTAs

4. STAND OUT in Google Search and be found.

With the extension, Travellers will find you for sure on Google. No more confussion. We’ll point you out. Imagine the money you can safe on ads 🙂
Google highlight

See the Magic✨for Yourself. Add the Extension to your Browser. Try it out now!

BookBetterDirect™ Browser Extension is available for Chrome, Edge and Firefox desktop browser.

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Add the Book Better Direct tool to your Browser Today!

BookBetterDirect™ Browser Extension is available for Chrome, Edge and Firefox desktop browser.

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