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We find direct booking deals effortless. Fast. Painless.

Did you know that hosts offer better deals if you book directly with them? (They save on booking fees). Only the BookBetterDirect app shows you instantly on your favourite booking platform what the hotel or accommodation has to offer when you book direct.

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Start using Book Better Direct because:

#1 You save tons of money and time

Stop the tedious search for the best deal. The app instantly compares OTAs with the hotel direct.

#2 You'll be sure you'll get the best deal

All certified members give you a Best Price / Deal guarantee. So you can be 100% sure that you get the best price when you book direct.

#3 You are truly sustainable

By booking direct you support the local economy for future generations. No money goes to waste on expensive booking fees.

How does Book Better Direct work?

  1. While you are searching for hotels on Booking, Expedia, etc.,
  2. our revolutionairy tool shows you instantly what the hotel has to offer when you book direct.
  3. Hotels love it when you book directly with them.
  4. They will give you great things when you do.
  5. Add the Book Better Direct extension in seconds to your browser,
  6. and you are sure to save days searching for direct hotel links and deals.

What is actually a browser extension? Browser extensions are like Apps for your desktop browser. Grammarly, Google Translate and Honey are some great examples.

Reasons why you should use Book Better Direct!

example on booking

#1 Are you searching for the best hotel deal?

1-click connects you with the hotel direct.

Stop wasting time searching. On all major booking platforms, our pop-up shows you the exclusive direct booking deals and the hotel’s official link instantly!

You’ll save between 9 and 12 hours searching.

Google After

#2 Are you Searching on google for your hotel?

Stop clicking the wrong Link!

No more clicking the wrong link in Search! We show you where the REAL Official Link is and what is advertisement !

#3 Unsure if you should book the hotel direct?

Be sure, book with confidence.

Every time you see the BookBetterDirect 100% guaranteed trustmark, you’ll know your host has been certified! To make sure you get the better deal, by booking direct.

Always look out for this trustmark to ensure you’re dealing with a secure accommodation.
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Sustainable development goals

#4 Do you want to be a true sustainable traveller?

Search Global, but Book Local

Only when you book direct, you support the local economy. Just like buying at your local grocery store. You protect the infrastructure of your favourite destination for all future generations. Don’t let your money go to waste on 15 to 30% booking commission fees.

How it works

1. Add in Seconds to Your Browser

It takes just two clicks. It's safe and it's 100% free! Click the button bellow.

2. Search for Accommodations as Usual

Search on travel platforms as you did before. But now we’ll automatically show you the hotel's direct link, direct booking deals, promos and savings on, tripadvisor, expedia, etc..

3. Direct Booking Deals Instantly

Like what you see? One click connects you directly with the Hotel. It's that easy!


5 star rating

It’s now so easy to compare my favourite Booking Platform with the hotel direct.


5 star rating

It saved me hours and hours searching for direct hotel links!

Jan P.

5 star rating

This is a great travel hack that saves a lot of effort to find teh best deal.

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5 star rating5+ reviews

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