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Best Price Guarantee

Find your reservation cheaper on another website? Don't worry!

BookBetterDirect Members guarantee that you pay the best price or get the better deal. In order for an accommodation to be allowed to use the BookBetterDirect Trustmark™, the Accommodation must follow good business practices, have a refund policy in place and comply with the BookBetterDirect Trustmark™ standards.

If, despite the greatest care in setting prices on the Internet, you should still find a cheaper offer for your stay, your BookBetterDirect Accommodation will refund you the price difference or do even better!

In some countries you first have to sign up to the BBD Travel Club to be able to get a lower price.

What you have to do

Just remember that you will need to contact the accommodation within 24 hours with proof of the cheaper offer. You’ll need to provide them with a link (screenshot) to the other offer and it must be online and available.

Make sure that the offer is for:

  1. the same accommodation
  2. the same period
  3. the same room category
  4. the same arrival and departure days
  5. can be booked online
  6. the prices must be confirmed by the provider on request

When you can’t make a claim?

  1. If the other offer is via non-transparent booking channels (e.g. via Priceline, where the name of the hotel is only announced after the booking has been made)
  2. If the other offer is via auction websites (e.g. ebay, animod)
  3. Package deals that include other services such as half board, airport transfers, massages, etc.
  4. Special prices for accommodation in the form of reward, bonus or loyalty offers, group prices, conference prices, prices for members of associations or organizations, travel agency prices, media prices, employee offers, or similar special offers
  5. Unpublished prices for hotel stays
  6. Price differences resulting from the exchange rate, VAT, etc.
  7. Fake evidence of cheaper offers or evidence that cannot be confirmed by our employees

The accommodation and BookBetterDirect reserves the right to change, add, suspend or terminate the “Best Price / Deal Guarantee” conditions at any time without informing the guest in advance. However the “Best Price Guarantee” is guaranteed for existing bookings.

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