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Better Room Prices

You can only be sure to get the best price if you book directly. In case you find an offer for our accommodation elsewhere cheaper, all Book Better Direct Members will grant you the same or better price. See how it works.

Better Room Deals & Goodies

In some countries hotels are not allowed by their contract with Online Travel Agents to offer cheaper price. The infamous Rate Parity clause! Instead the hotel can give you Better Value for Money, a better choice of rooms or more availability. Or they enhance their offering with great incentives. For example free breakfast, free parking, free upgrade, or a discount on meals and drinks. When you join the BookBetterDirect Travel Club they can give you a better price as well.

Better Room Availability & Choice

Online booking platforms only give you a limited choice in rooms and availability. Insider knowledge tells us that up to 40% of rooms are not openly available for online bookings. When a platform has sold out, the hotel usually has still plenty of rooms available.

Better Room Changes & Service

In case you want to change things for your booking (different room, less or more people), the hotel is more flexible without intermediaries.

Better Room Cancellation

Only with a direct booking can your accommodation react individually to your situation in the event of a cancellation. For example, a rebooking or a voucher can be a better solution.

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Book Better Direct 100% Guaranteed
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Best Price Guarantee, Best Deal Guarantee

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