Membership 101

Know what is possible so you can do more

1. The Platform.

Easy Setup process to get you started in minutes.

Every BookBetterDirect Member gets their own Direct Booking Benefit webpage.

  • Increase your online presence
  • Supports your Accommodation in all search engines
  • Only you and your Direct Booking Benefits
  • No distractions
  • No links or recommendations to other accommodations
  • All links go directly to your website

Check out this example hotel webpage.

Your own BookBetterDirect Webpage is optimized to be found on Google.

Just as is secretly optimizing a webpage for your hotel (whether you like it or not), we do the same for your acommodation! With the slight difference that we want people to book direct! 

  • Fully optimized Google schema support.
  • Ranks you also for your DB Benefits
  • SEO and Speech optimized for Your Accomodation
  • Rank even higher with two-way linking for Google.
  • Just link back from your website to


Tell Guests exactly why they should Book Better Direct!

  • Promote your Direct Booking Offers
  • Clear concise overview
  • No more confusion what you are offering for Direct bookers
  • Integrate your Direct Booking Deals on your own Website
It’s super hard to let travellers know you still have a room free! We make sure they know were to look. Share your Last Minute Availability and Offers on our Platform easily. Just link to your own special pages.

Your own exclusive dedicate dashboard to control your listing and get insightful data. So you know were your customers are coming from!

  • You get daily, weekly, monthly user views.
  • See what devices your travelers are using and
  • from what countries they are visiting your page.
  • We use the latest technique to show refferal links. These show were visitors were before they came to your page.
  • Update your listing easily from mobile or desktop
  • Access to our Members-only content

We think this is a perfect designed, professional dashboard where you will enjoy to come back to over and over again.

2. The Certification.

Eliminate trust concerns that lead to lost bookings to Online Travel Agents (OTAs). 

BookBetterDirect TRUST Certificate™ is the world’s first Direct Booking Assessment method for accommodations. It recognises and reflects the value in BOOKING DIRECT with the host instead with Online Travel Agents.

The BookBetterDirect GUARANTEED™ certification eases Trust concerns might have booking direct. The BookBetterDirect Trustmark helps you decrease abandoned websites and increase direct bookings. Find out more why you should be certified.

By applying for the BookBetterDirect Trustmark Certificate™ you promise to deliver the BEST PRICE for the customer who books directly with you.

In order for your Accommodation to be allowed to use the “BookBetterDirect 100% Guaranteed Trustmark”, the Accommodation must follow good business practices and comply with the BookBetterDirect SECURE™ standards.

In the unlikely case that a customer does find your room cheaper elsewhere, both parties agree to follow the Best Price Guarantee Rules.

Your Trustmark Certification is valid for a limited time. After that their will be a reassesment. We expect from all our members to:

3. The Extension.

An extension that solves direct booking problem and installs in just 2 clicks. Your guests search for accommodations as usual. They see direct booking deals instantly.

Available for Chorme, and soon Firefox. It’s lightweight, safe and 100% Free.

Watch this video what could happen without the extension installed!

The Extension points* clearly to your website on Google!

We have marked what is advertisement.

The Direct Booking Block shows loud and clear the Official Website button and the Direct Booking Benefits.

Imagine the money you can safe on Google Ads 🙂

*under development

Yes, that’s right. When somebody is looking at your listing on the big OTA’s, a pop up appears to tell travellers what you offer direct. Imagine the money you can safe on commissions 🙂

To protect our Intelectuall Property, we have a patent pending on our extension.

Read more

The Future.

For a single property it’s hard to change things on your own. You’re one against many. The BookBetterDirect Community has likewise thinkers with a global reach. We are independent of international borders or local Tourism politics.

We are here;
• To make sure that, who wants to book direct, can easily book direct
• To make sure that, who wants to have the best deal, can easily find the best deal.
• To make sure that, who wants to compare, can easily compare in a fair and consistent way.

That’s all.

We are not going anywhere soon. We have so many plans for the future. Things to develop and improvements to make. We like to ask our members  now and then what features you would like to be develop. So what’s out for our feature email and vote!

Under development

A loyalty programm for anyone who books direct with a BBD member!

Under development.

To make this work we need your help ! We need you to Promote the BookBetterDirect Extension to reach critical mass. Promote us per newsletter, email and on your Website ! Get your guest to download the app. So that in future withh all their direct bookings they safe money and time.